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Email still operates as the hub for most businesses communications. It’s an easy way to communicate and almost every one of your customers utilizes email for their day to day communications. Whether issuing invoices, client communication, booking meetings or ensuring a message is cascaded out to stakeholders in a time efficient and effective manner – email remains the predominate method of communication in business. Email is also convenient, allowing each user to have their own dedicated storage space and allows them to archive past email; whether for customer service purposes or an audit trail.

Furthermore, service reliability is key when selecting a business grade email hosting service.

We proudly offer email hosting for Small Business in Winnipeg and Beyond. Our hosting Service provides our customers with a best-of-breed email hosting solution. There are also several ‘add-ons’ available to our clients. From an updated Outlook license to some of the many Office 365 or Google Workspace app options. We will tailor an email hosting package which is right sized for your small business.

Introducing Artful IT Business Email Hosting

With 99.999% up time, we provide our clients with premium business email.

Some of the features of our email hosting services are,

  • Access your email from anywhere at anytime. (Webmail access also included)
  • Share and synchronize contacts and calendar across devices and software
  • Available desktop software add-ons:
    • Desktop Outlook App – available by monthly subscription. Why pay for a full annual (and costly) Microsoft office license?
    • Office 365 – available by monthly subscription **(No annual commitments!)
  • Remotely remove emails and accounts from any lost device

A few words about free email Services – Using free email services can be fraught with multiple problems.  As they say – you get what you pay for.  Using a free mail service also does not lend itself to portraying confidence to your customers and prospects. Providing a prospect the contact address, , isn’t really indicative of a professional organization. By utilizing our professional business email hosting services it will give your small business a good, professional image. What might seem like a minor detail is a major one, a proper email address @yourdomain is the best way to proceed. Keep your business looking professional and remember a good rule of thumb, nothing is truly free.

In addition, ‘free’ email services can be fraught with potential privacy issues.

We offer a wide array of Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace products without annual (or longer) commitments.

Of note: while we are based in Winnipeg all client data is housed outside of Winnipeg and remains in Canada at our secure data centres.

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