Start up marketing plans for small business

We understand how daunting this process can be, as we went through it ourselves.  It’s our goal to alleviate some of the worry, stress and hassle out of this process for you.

We offer a Winnipeg small business starter package to get everything in place from a marketing prospective that you will need.

  • Logo design

Logos sound easy but at the same time they can be complex.  What sort of message are you trying to convey?  What will be your brand?  What colours might be most effective?  Your logo is your brand and company vision, a good logo should be selling your business even when you aren’t actively doing so.

  • Business card and letterhead design

Business cards are a visual extension of your business and brand. Many times a business card could be retained by an individual for years. We make choosing the face of your company simple; from card shape, font, space utilization, finishing and overall design. Make your card memorable and harder for someone to simply throw into the recycling bin.

  • Help with selecting a suitable web domain

The web domain needs to be simple yet stay consistent with your brand.  Brevity is also very important – so supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.CA might not be the best web domain option if you are opening up a Mary Poppins themed business. We will help you perform a search of available web names which are available.

  • Setting up company email

Using free email services can be fraught with multiple problems.  You get what you pay for.  Using a free mail service does not lend itself to portraying confidence to your customers and prospects. Providing a prospect the contact address, , doesn’t really scream of a professional organization. By utilizing our professional business email hosting services it will give your new small business a good, professional start.

  • Assistance with setting up applicable social media accounts

Which social media avenues might be the best to take?

  • Handout Company brochure (With client provided content, high resolution photos, etc)

Packages start at $495*

A website starter pack is also available.

Many of our clients have also found this as a good starting point to lay the foundation in setting up IT policies, find necessary IT support and gather all information on how technology can be used to improve your operation. We are your turn key solution for new small businesses in Winnipeg.

To find out more about this economical turn key solution please contact us.  We would love to hear from you, to discuss your new business and help your marketing program hit the ground running. 

Elevate your business.

* (base designs, not including web hosting, on-going email mgmt or additional graphic design requests)