Not all computing equipment is created equally

A happy end user is a productive employee.

There is a substantial difference between consumer electronics and professional grade computing equipment.

There are two basic types of computing equipment, consumer products (think big box retailers) and professional grade office equipment. Often manufacturers offer what appears to be the same computer make and model in both their home and business divisions, but they are actually not the same computer. A good analogy we use, a construction professional generally doesn’t go to a big box retailer to purchase a drill or a commercial kitchen isn’t using an old Eaton Viking 4 burner home range. These people are professionals and require professional grade equipment to ensure the most up time as possible. Just like yourself and your valued employees!

Business computers are built to last due to higher quality components which are tested more rigorously. Parts used for consumer computers may be more generic / cheaper grade, while computers designed for professional use more often include higher-grade materials and name-brand parts. This emphasis on durability means that a business grade laptop or desktop you buy now should last your users for a much longer period.

We are proud to offer various computing options. From the global PC leader, Lenovo, a customized solution or other market leading equipment. After our assessment of your information technology needs we will make recommendations about your IT computing requirements.

There a lot of new and exciting options available which are more economical to operate, designed specifically for certain environments (ie: warehouse, dusty areas, hot kitchens etc).