Frequently asked questions

We are growing weary of our free email services; they do not appear professional. Can you assist us in setting up business email?

Yes.  We have a wide range of professional, secure email services.  With industry leading up time.

See: Email Hosting

We don’t even know where to start with our IT needs?

A good first step is to meet with us.  We will assess your I.T. environment and understand your long term business goals.  We will explain our process and make recommendations.

See: Managed I.T. Services, Information Technology Services

We are not backing up any of our company’s data.  Are we at risk?

Sadly, yes.  Part of our assessment process evaluates risks to your business.  Improper or lack of back up usually is one of the leading causes of risks to any business.

Generally most people think about fires, floods or other disasters in conjunction with data loss. A far more likely threat is theft of equipment, viruses, or employee negligence. Losing company data can be disastrous. Quite often stories can be found on TV newscasts or social media about hackers or would-be wrong doers holding company data for ransom or personal data that has been breached. Lets keep your company out of the limelight. Well, at least that type of limelight. These risks can be mitigated with an effective, secure data backup plan.

See: Data Backup

We are starting up a new business. There are just so many things for us to do. Can you help us and simplify the process?

We have a variety of service plans to help a new start up businesses. Our business start up package includes a logo design, business card design, company web domain selection, company email set up and social media start up. Let us be your one stop shop and guide you through this process. Start to elevate your brand from day one.

See: Logo Design or Logo Redesign Services

Do you sell computer hardware?

Yes. We offer our customers the best of breed technology solutions. Brands such as Lenovo, ASUS, Acer, Buffalo and others. We also build custom PC’s and hardware too!

See: PCs, Laptops and Tablets, Wireless Device Management

Our company’s logo and branding is quite dated. Can you assist us with that?

Absolutely. We work with clients to help spread positive brand awareness through simple, yet memorable logos and collateral. From concept to redesign, that wont break the bank.

Elevate your brand.

See: Logo Design – New, redesign and re-colours, Graphic Design

Do you do business cards or any sort of advertising?

We sure do, we can consult on all types of print and online advertising. T-shirts, posters, business cards, mugs, and much more. If we haven’t done it before, we welcome the challenge!

See: Print / Advertising: Business Cards, Posters, T-Shirts, Flyers, Graphic Design

Can we afford an IT company to provide us with managed IT services?

Many organizations feel that way initially. After an initial assessment we will be able to make recommendations and provide appropriate service offerings. In many cases its considerably less than even a .25 employee and with a predicable monthly budget.

Allowing our clients to focus on their core competencies – running their business.

See: Managed I.T. Services, Economical, Smart Solutions, Professional I.T. Consultancy Services

Sometimes we are concerned about our IT security, both externally and internally. Is it that vital to our business?

Security has become a very significant challenge for all organizations. It doesn’t take long to find a news story about a companys data being compromised. We position our clients to be as safeguarded as possible from viruses, malware, or other malicious threats. There are plenty of risks out there. All Managed IT service plans offer top rated anti virus programs for each identified device.

News stories about lost or stolen data is a big risk, lets stay out of the limelight.

See: Desktop, Laptop, Tablet and Phone Support, Data Backup, Managed I.T. Services