In recent times it has become more pivotal to understand how employee use of data can impact your organization

Years ago, PIPEDA legislation (privacy act) was passed and it forced companies to take a good look at internal data management policies. In more recent times the shift has been looking at the implications of PCI compliance (payment card industry), employee data access, use and disclosure. Many employees have cellular phones and laptops/tablets which house company data. Whether it is proprietary or customer information, it can be a major risk. Having a company IT policy in place is key.

Artful IT Services works with customers to identify and develop acceptable use policies for employees. We also provide acceptable use training for employees.

Worst case scenarios can occur. Our managed IT clients have the ability to wipe lost, stolen devices remotely or any device that is deemed at risk.

policy and compliance solution
A lack of clear IT policies is a growing risk for many small businesses today