We hope that doesn’t sound confusing. Its not.

It’s an industry term for us being your IT department.

Time, resources and know-how are in short supply at most organizations. Why try to ‘figure things out’ when you can arrange for professionals to handle all things Information Technology (IT).

Managed IT Services or Managed IT Solutions is an industry term for us being your IT department. Therefore having Artful IT Services handling all Managed IT services is like having an IT person on staff, at a fraction of the cost!

Fully managed services offer a flat rate monthly fee which covers all IT related issues and incidents. Think of it like an all-you-can eat buffet. With a predictable monthly cost it allows our clients to operate worry free and to focus on their core business. To turn back the clock, the old IT business model generally had an IT provider billing a client for services on an hourly basis. At times they might not have a vested interest in the long term health of the company’s infrastructure. With IT becoming so much more important in today’s competitive business environment and clients requiring additional services, Managed IT Services became the go to level of service for most of our clients. With Managed IT Solutions the risk shifts from the client business to a onsite service provider, such as ourselves. These risks can be anything from a desktop acting up, an end user having difficulty, a virus or much worse.

The basics of a Managed IT plan is the remote monitoring of your IT infrastructure, maintenance / upgrades, disaster recovery planning/ secure data backup and anti virus protection. Technology can be so difficult to manage in house without proper and continuous training for the employee who is responsible for this task. Furthermore the on-going daily risk of end users going about their daily business means there are a lot of moving parts and variables.

Our fully managed implementation workflow is as follows,

  • Starting with an on-site assessment of your current IT environment, a general health check on all existing infrastructure is completed. Is equipment in good working condition or aged? What type of problems are end users experiencing which is impeding their productivity?
  • Evaluate priorities and risks to the organization. Are there gaping security holes or threats?
  • Then its time for some long term planning. What should your 1-2- 3- 5 year IT plan look like?
  • On-boarding implementation plan. (We want to avoid disruptions to your business wherever possible.) We will schedule any prescribed work within predetermined a roll out schedule.

IT plays a very significant role in your company at the present time. Its not going away anytime soon. Many clients choose this as a time to invest in the long term. Maximize your IT budget and effort effectively. We offer Managed IT Services / Managed IT solutions to clients in Winnipeg and throughout Canada.

Artful IT Services Fully Managed IT Solutions – It is like having an on-site IT person on your staff, but at a fraction of the cost.

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