Don’t let an old or low quality pixelated logo define your business

We offer turn key marketing packages for business start ups and existing businesses

Be honest, how catching is your company’s logo? Does it help spread positive brand awareness? Is it simple, yet memorable? Need a redesign that wont break the bank?

The design of a business logo sounds easy but at the same time they can be complex.  What sort of message are you trying to convey?  What will be your brand?  What colours might be most effective?  Your company logo is your brand and company vision, a good business logo should be selling your business even when you aren’t actively doing so.

If its time for a new business logo, a redesign, a requirement for a high resolution image or simply an update. We are here to help. Artful IT Services can update your logo to provide you with both print ready and web ready copies, we’ve got you covered.

New business start up package We offer business start up logo design packages which include design of company logo, business card layout, letterhead design, setting up a company email address and social media set up assistance. Additionally, a web site starter pack is also available.

Elevate your brand.

Business Logo Design and Graphic Design Services in Winnipeg.

“Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not around.”

― W.A. Pasmore