Why be tethered to old school land line type business telephone services and their high cost

Affordable VOIP Phone Systems for Small Business. Get a separate professional business number with call forwarding, voicemail, auto attendant and more for less than you think. All the bells and whistles included (IVR, mobile applications etc)

Imagine a world when employees are able to make telephone calls (or answer) on their company mobile devices VS using a cell phone number/line.

System highlights:

  • Slash your current phone bill
  • Make and receive phone calls from anywhere at anytime via app
  • Choose your phone number
  • Each employee has mobile app access
  • Only a mobile device is needed to operate (NOT expensive business telephone equipment)
  • Save on long distance calls on cellular phones (generally Canada, US long distance included)
  • Business Texting available!
  • User Voice mail and extensions included
  • Corporate and company chat included
  • A variety of hardware options are available
  • Company contact general phone book available for all users (upload client telephone numbers, etc)
  • Call reporting and integration with leading CRM’s
  • Video conferencing
  • Managed by Artful IT Services as part of a small business IT solutions package. One trusted vendor

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Small business VOIP telephone in Winnipeg
Small business VOIP telephone Services in Winnipeg