IT Security has never been more in the spotlight

From data breaches to bad press, it’s a subject that is at the forefront of many business owners minds

We have all seen news stories about business data breaches in various forms of media. It’s never a good time to have that type of exposure. The risk of ransomware, data breaches and losing vital company data is of very real concern.

The sophistication of would-be wrong doers, a lack of clear internal policies coupled with mobile employees handling company data results in your companys data being at risk all hours of the day. For the most part, those trying to gain entrance into your businesses information are professional organizations. They are very good at what they do, they don’t have standards or regulations in which to operate under and evolve / change tactics quite quickly.

This also leads to the very real concern about the privacy of customer and employee data, proprietary company information and other data. Consistent IT policies and standards are the key to protecting your small businesses data.

Artful IT Services specializes in protecting vital information. Whether it is part of our Managed IT Solutions package or a stand alone IT security application. We are here to help.

Professional, updated Anti virus software is mandatory in today’s business environment. On every company device.

While no system is 100% guaranteed, it is our mission for our clients to be as protected as much as possible.

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